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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions of travel



Conditions of Carriage


1) Introduction

Nationwide Coaches values your custom and will endeavour to ensure you travel safely and in comfort on a clean, reliable Coach Service. This document contains the Conditions under which we carry you and applies to anyone

who travels with us.

Our Conditions are consistent with the relevant statutory regulations, including those  relating to the conduct of passengers, lost property and do not affect your statutory rights.

2) General conditions

We aim to provide a safe, reliable and punctual service but there are occasions when we are simply unable to run due to factors outside of our control, such as road works, diversions, exceptional traffic congestion, major events, extreme weather conditions and other unforeseen operating circumstances. Wherever possible, we will take reasonable steps to advise you of any disruption to service or private hire, but in the event of cancellation, delay, diversion or termination of any service or private hire being unavailable to you for any other reasons, we shall not be liable for losses, damages, cost or inconvenience that you suffer as a result.

3) Conduct of passengers

We reserve the right to refuse you entry, or require you to leave our coaches or premises at any time, should we have reason to believe that your behaviour jeopardises the safety, security and comfort of others.

When travelling with us you must in particular:

  •  refrain from smoking either conventional or electronic cigarettes
  •  behave in a manner that is not abusive or threatening and does not cause offence to

other customers or staff

  • refrain from eating and drinking
  •  refrain from consuming alcohol
  •  refrain from playing loud music or operating a personal device at a volume which maybe heard by other passengers
  •  refrain from leaving rubbish or discarded items on the coach this could lead to a further charge for cleaning, This will be at the driver’s discretion and could result in a £45 cleaning charge which the lead person or trip organizer will be accountable for
  •  not be wearing soiled working clothes or carrying any soiled items which might stain the seats etc.
  •  follow the instructions of our staff and act in a manner which shows due regard for the safety and comfort of other customers and company employees, including not standing adjacent to emergency exits, the vehicle entrance, next to the driver or sitting in gangways, on staircases or standing upstairs on a double deck vehicle
  •  if the vehicle you are travelling on is fitted with seat belts, you are legally required to wear it notify a member of staff immediately if you sustain an injury whilst boarding, travelling on or getting off a coach follow the directions of staff concerning the maximum number of seated passengers that a coach is permitted to carry. All of our vehicles contain clear signage setting out their standing capacity
  •  except in an emergency, not talk to the driver whilst the bus is moving, obstruct the

driver’s vision or otherwise distract them

  •  have due regard at all times for the needs of our elderly, young and disabled customers and, in particular, vacate seats and spaces designed for the elderly and

disabled when requested

  •  not distribute leaflets, papers or other articles or offer anything for sale or collect for charity without our prior written consent
  •  not interfere with equipment fitted on the vehicle
  •  not deliberately damage or deface any part of the vehicle as a damage fee may be incurred Intending customers who, in the opinion of the driver or other company official, appear likely to behave in an antisocial manner may not be allowed to travel.

Coaches and premises may be fitted with audio CCTV to provide added security for our customers and staff. Appropriate signage will be in place where audio CCTV is in use and the video and sound recordings used solely for the monitoring of safety, security, service quality and in support of relevant criminal and civil legal proceedings and complaint investigation. Images of you may be provided to the police, DVSA, the Traffic Commissioner or any other enforcement agency at their reasonable request. Whilst we will do everything we reasonably can to control conduct of other customers, we cannot be held responsible for their conduct.

 4) Getting on and off the coach

In most urban areas, coaches will normally pick up and set down passengers at marked bus stops. In busy areas, certain stops will be allocated to specific services.

You must not attempt to board or alight from a moving coach or from a coach which is stationary at a point which is not a designated bus stop such as traffic lights and road works etc.

You must not attempt to board a coach once it has left its designated stand in any bus station. You must not use the emergency exits on any vehicle except in a genuine emergency. In certain areas there are no designated bus stops and, in those areas, coaches will stop on request where it is safe to do so. You should always pick a point away from parked cars, road junctions, etc. and give a clear signal in good time to the driver of the approaching vehicle. When you come to alight, you should alert the driver in good time.

5) Carriage of wheelchairs, small prams and buggies The carriage of Wheelchairs, small prams and buggies will only be permitted with the use of the under floor lockers where available. We cannot have these items in the passenger salon at any time.

6) Carriage of bicycles

Generally, bicycles may be carried at the owner’s risk on coaches, as opposed to buses, where under floor lockers are available.

7) Luggage

On certain long distance services operated by coaches, larger bags and suitcases up to a maximum weight limit of 20kg should be presented to the driver for storage in the rear or under floor lockers or trailer as necessary. Only the driver may store or remove

luggage from the lockers or trailer, but it is your responsibility to see your luggage put on and taken off a coach, or checked in at any station where check in arrangements apply.

Except for any luggage stored in the hold of a coach, you must also look after your luggage at all times, including at any station and your hand luggage whilst on a coach. 

You remain responsible for any items you bring. You may not be allowed to travel if, for example, the available space for carriage of luggage is already full or, if, in the opinion of the driver, your luggage or belongings will block gangways and access to emergency exits on the coach.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss or inconvenience to you if you are refused travel under these circumstances. We reserve the right to request that you open any article of luggage for inspection by the driver or other company officer in your presence if, for reasons of security, it is considered necessary to do so.

Fragile items such as electronic goods, portable televisions, computers, radios etc will only be carried if they are of reasonable size and securely packed. We will not be responsible for damage to such items however caused.

Certain items cannot be carried under any circumstances in the interests of safety. These include accumulators, explosives, ammunition, weapons and combustible or otherwise hazardous materials including petrol.

8) Animals

Guide dogs, hearing or assistance dogs accompanying registered disabled persons are able to travel at any time. Assistance dogs should wear their harness or identification jacket when travelling.

9) Lost property

We will do all that we reasonably can to locate and return any property left on our premises or on one of our coaches to its owner. If lost property is not claimed within a month, we will become the owner of the property and will dispose of it to a charity nominated by Nationwide Coaches. All computers, phones and other electronic items containing data will be securely wiped of all data and disposed of, with any proceeds donated to charity. If you find lost property on a coach, you must hand it to the driver. Providing the item is not perishable or objectionable, we will keep it for a mont If you claim any item of lost property, you will be required to satisfy us that the item belongs to you, give us your

name and address and you may be charged an administration fee.

If the lost property is perishable and is not claimed within 48 hours of being found, we will dispose of it as we think fit. If perishable property is, or becomes, objectionable or a health risk before the end of the 48 hour period, we reserve the right to destroy or dispose of it at any time.

If the lost property is contained in a package, bag or other container, we may open it and examine it in order to trace the owner or identify the nature and value of the lost property.

To reclaim lost property, you should contact Nationwide Coaches.

Telephone: (01733) 334343

Email: admin@nationwidecoaches.co.uk

Under normal circumstances, you will need to collect the lost property from the Nationwide office or depot where the lost property is being stored. You will need to pay the cost of postage and packaging in advance if we agree to post the property back to you. Our arrangements comply with the relevant legislation.

10) Quotes, deposits, payments and cancelations At Nationwide Coaches we strive to be competitive in a challenging market. Our staff are on hand for any quote you may need and we will process this as accurately as we can with the information you provide. The information you provide should be an accurate account of your planned travel.